Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (2023)

Qatar Airways Privilege Club now uses Avios as its loyalty currency and you can transfer your Avios from British Airways Executive Club to Privilege Club in either direction.

The news opens up all sorts of great ways to use your Avios — here are your questions, answered.

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Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (1)

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1. Can I transfer my Avios in both directions as often as I want?

Yes. Unlike transfers from Membership Rewards to airline and hotel loyalty programmes that are one-way only and cannot be reversed, you can transfer your Avios between Executive Club and Privilege Club as often as you want in either direction at a rate of 1:1.

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2. Can you now redeem Avios for Qatar Airways operated flights?

You have been able to redeem Avios in your Executive Club for Qatar Airways operated flights for many years, as Qatar has been a fellow member of the oneworld alliance. The big change recently was that Qatar has adopted Avios as their own points currency (replacing Qmiles), so you now have the option of redeeming your Avios through Executive Club, or Privilege Club with the ability to easily transfer Avios between the two programmes at a 1:1 rate.

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Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (2)

3. How do I know if my Qatar Airways flight has Qsuite?

Unfortunately, when you search for Avios redemption seats in Privilege Club (or Executive Club) it is not obvious whether your flight will be equipped with Qsuite or not.

The good news is that if you search for cash fares on the Qatar website, it will show which flights have Qsuite with a rose coloured ‘Q’ in the top right corner of the search result price.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (3)

If you have found an award seat available you can then check the same flight as a cash fare to confirm it will be Qsuite.

Otherwise check the seat map – a staggered 1-2-1 layout indicates Qsuites, a straight 1-2-1 layout is the older (but still very good) business class product. Some 777s and A330s have the even older 2-2-2 product that does not have direct aisle access.

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4. Can I move all my Avios to Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

Yes, and you can move them all back at the same 1:1 rate if you wish — that’s one of the great things about the new partnership. You won’t lose any Avios, or have them stuck in one account, unable to move them again.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (4)

5. How can I search for Qatar Airways award availability?

You can see Qatar Airways flights available through Executive Club, though if you have a complex itinerary that does not touch the United Kingdom, the Executive Club search function may not return the results you want. In this case, it is better to search through Privilege Club directly which will show more comprehensive Qatar operated flights.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (5)

6. I’m flying to Qatar for 16 hours next month. What is the best part of the Qsuite experience?

Having just done several long-haul flights in Qsuite, for me it is how tailored the flights are to each individual passenger. You will be offered your choice of welcome beverage from anything on the menu (no tray of pre-filled glasses shoved in your face), and you are encouraged to dine at any time you wish.

There are no trolleys rolling down the aisle – if you want to go to sleep straight away and then dine later it’s completely up to you.

Enjoy your flight and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, when you want it — the crew will be very happy to help.

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Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (6)

7. How much is a London to Doha redemption?

If you’ve never tried Qatar Airways this is a good route to use your Avios on as the multiple daily flights mean it is relatively easy to find availability. You will need the following Avios for the same Qatar Airways operated flight, regardless of which programme you redeem through, per person, one-way:

  • Economy is 21,500 Avios plus £168.36 in fees, taxes and surcharges; and
  • Qsuite business class is 43,000 Avios plus £296.06 in fees, taxes and surcharges.

8. Can I use my Companion Voucher for Qatar Airways flights?

This is the most common question we have been asked about the new partnership.

The answer is unfortunately not — as always you can only redeem Companion Vouchers for British Airways operated flights.

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Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (7)

9. Why has Qatar adopted Avios?

Good question. The airline has not revealed a reason but it may be because they are a major investor in International Airlines Group which owns British Airways, Iberia and Vueling (among other airlines) who all use Avios. It’s a popular points currency that has already been tested by millions of travellers – this may have been attractive for an airline looking to revamp its loyalty programme.

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10. What is the cheapest way to fly Qsuite with Avios?

In terms of lowest Avios, plus fees and taxes, if starting in the U.K. it would be a Europe to Doha business class redemption. One of the longest would be from Dublin (DUB) to Doha (DOH) which would still only be 43,000 Avios oneway but only £61 in total fees, taxes and surcharges — more than £200 cheaper than starting your journey in the U.K as you won’t be charged that pesky Air Passenger Duty.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (8)

11. How do I combine Avios with my old Qmiles?

Any Qmiles you earned before the Avios adoption was announced will now have been automatically converted to Avios at a rate of 1:1. You can check this in your Privilege Club account and then follow these instructions to combine your Avios with any other programmes you might have.

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12. What’s the best way to use my Amex Membership Rewards points to book Qatar flights?

This will depend on the route you are looking to fly — for direct flights it may be the same Avios cost regardless of whether you redeem your Avios through Executive Club or Privilege Club. For connecting flights on Qatar Airways, it may be cheaper through Privilege Club — we have crunched some numbers here.

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Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (9)

13. Do you get lounge access when you book a Qatar business class flight with Avios?

Absolutely. Redemption tickets have not been affected by Qatar’s unbundling of some business class revenue fares.

14. Does British Airways or Qatar Airways have a better product?

Qatar Airways does not have premium economy on any flights, and only has (proper) first class on a handful of routes, and only on their Airbus A380. As for economy and business class — the two classes both carriers operate — Qatar Airways has won numerous awards for both products.

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Their Qsuite business class is widely regarded as the world’s best business class (and a key reason they do not offer first class on most of their routes). Having flown both Qatar Airways Qsuite and British Airways Club Suite in the past few months, both are great products but Qsuite is better — there is much more privacy with the higher walls. It’s like having your own tiny hotel room on the plane and if you are travelling with someone else you can make a private, and awesome double bed.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (10)

15. Do both programmes charge more for connecting flights than direct flights?

Yes. If you are looking to travel to the Middle East beyond Doha, redemptions through Privilege Club are particularly poor value, as Qatar market the short Doha to Middle East hops as ‘first’ class (not business), and price the second leg as much, making a London to Dubai (DXB) via Doha (DOH) redemption very pricey.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (11)

16. Do either programme charge booking fees?

Qatar Airways recently and without notice introduced a pesky booking fee which will make the total fees, taxes and surcharges for redemption booked through Privilege Club sightly higher. BA’s Executive Club has sky-high fees, taxes and surcharges already, but to their credit does not charge an additional booking fee like Privilege Club now does.

Where possible, check your desired routing through both programmes to see which offers the lowest total Avios, plus fees taxes and surcharges option. You can then move your Avios between the programmes to make sure you get the best redemption option.

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17. Will I see the same redemption availability through both programmes?

For Qatar Airways operated flights, yes. Oneworld partner airlines flights should be the same through both programmes too.

As for British Airways operated flights, for everything beyond long-haul business class, the availability should be the same regardless of which programme you search through. Remember that last year British Airways promised additional Club World/Club Suite seats for newly earned Companion Voucher redemptions, so BA availability should be higher if you have one of these vouchers to redeem compared with if you were searching for the same flights through Privilege Club.

Qatar Airways adopts Avios: 17 big questions answered — including how to find Qsuite availability - The Points Guy UK (12)

Bottom line

It’s great to see Qatar adopt Avios as it gives more options for British travellers to maximise their travel. While there is now some standardisation of redemption amounts, and fees, taxes and surcharges across both programmes, you may be able to make your Avios go further by choosing the right programme to redeem through.

The ability to transfer back and forth between Executive Club and Privilege Club at a 1:1 is fantastic and means there’s no risk of your Avios getting stuck in the wrong programme.

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How many Avios does it take to fly Qsuite? ›

The great news is that Privilege Club charges just 90,000 Avios each way for the journey in business class (180,000 Avios for a return journey). It's only 45,000 Avios in economy, and while Qatar has a great economy product, Qsuites is worth twice the amount of Avios.

How do I know if my Qatar flight has Qsuite? ›

The way you can check if an aircraft has the QSuite Business Class cabin is from the seat map. We use ExpertFlyer to check the seat maps, but SeatGuru works as well. This is the seat map you need to look out for, in this example, from a 777-300er. If the seat map is showing a 1-2-1 cabin layout, like this….

How many Avios points to upgrade to business class on Qatar? ›

With 70,000 Avios, you can book a one-way business class flight from the U.S. to Doha. Economy award redemptions typically do not offer value since you can usually find affordable economy flights.

Is QSuite first or business class? ›

Qatar Airways refers to its Qsuite Business Class as “first in business,” the idea being that the category is more first class than business class and a step above any other business class in the sky.

How much does qatar QSuite cost? ›

A QSuite ticket can often cost in excess of $3000, so it was important to highlight just how much value you're getting for your money.

Which seat is best for Qatar QSuite? ›

1. Q Suite on A350-10, B777-200LR and B777-300ER. QSuites are Qatar's best business class seat, and they are gradually converting their B777s to these seats. You can also find them on all A350-10 and A350-9 aircraft as well.

How do you know if you have Qsuites? ›

If your flight features Qsuites, it will have a staggered configuration with seats alternating between being forward and rear-facing; by staggered configuration, I mean that a seat in one row will be in a different position than a seat in the next row, as you can see in the below seat map diagram.

Is qatar QSuite worth it? ›

There's no better way of getting there than Qatar's QSuites. The seat lived up to the hype, the food was immaculate, and the service was wonderful. The only stain on the experience was the confusing lounge rules at DOH, but I knew about those in advance and expected it.

Do Avios expire Qatar Airways? ›

Your Avios expire soon

Every time you spend or earn, your Avios balance will be valid for a further 36 months. You can redeem your Avios for a wide range of rewards, such as award flights, cabin upgrades and extra baggage allowances.

How to get free Avios points in Qatar? ›

14 Best Ways To Earn Lots of Qatar Airways Avios [2023]
  1. Sign up for a Qatar Avios Account.
  2. Earn Qatar Avios With Credit Cards. Citi Credit Cards. ...
  3. Earn Qatar Avios Through Shopping. Shop at the Bicester Village Shopping Collection. ...
  4. Earn Qatar Avios Through Travel. ...
  5. Specialty Earnings for Qatar Avios.
6 days ago

Is Qatar Avios same as British Airways? ›

Qatar's adoption of Avios means that the popular miles currency can now be transferred between Qatar Airways and 3 other airlines within the International Airlines Group (IAG) of airlines that use the Avios: Aer Lingus, British Airways, and Iberia.

How to get a free upgrade to business class Qatar Airways? ›

Online upgrade passenger selection is based on, but not limited to, the below criteria:
  1. Passenger has a confirmed ticket on a Qatar Airways operated flight and the fare paid is eligible for upgrade.
  2. The booking reference has a valid e-mail address. OR.
  3. If upgrade offers available for your journey will be displayed online:

How many Avios do I need to upgrade from premium economy to business? ›

Business class off peak is 50,000 points, and premium is 26,000 points so an upgrade from business to first would require 18,000 Avios (68,000-50,000) and premium to business 24,000 points (50,000-26,000).

How many Avios to upgrade from Premium Economy to Club World? ›

Deducting the 26,000 Avios required for a World Traveller Plus redemption (that you have already paid as your cash fare), you will need 24,000 Avios to upgrade this flight to Club World.

Is there a dress code for Qatar business class? ›

Smart casual. Travelers in worn-out, dirty or torn clothes, beach attire, jogging outfit, jeans, shorts, sports shoes and flip flops etc. will not be accepted on board. Collarless shirts not accepted.

What is Qsuite 1st class? ›

In many ways, Qatar's Qsuite is the poster child of business class products. In a Qsuite, you'll get an incredible amount of privacy, dine-on-demand catering, and top-notch service, arguably rivaling that of a true first class cabin.

Do you get Pyjamas on Qatar business class? ›

In general you can expect to be offered pajamas on Qatar Airways when traveling in business class on all long haul flights, and on overnight medium haul flights as well.

How long can I stay in Qatar business class lounge? ›


Can I keep Qatar Pyjamas? ›

Some first-class flyers on luxury airlines may receive a set of pajamas to wear on their flight. As airlines cannot reuse these pajamas, these pajamas are yours to keep after the flight, according to David Adler, founder and CEO of The Travel Secret.

Do Qatar business class seats lie flat? ›

Yes, all business class seats on Qatar Airways lie flat, except on the A321. All Qatar Airways business class passengers are offered an a la carte dine-on-demand food and drink menus.

How many seats does QSuite have? ›

Boeing 777-200LR & Boeing 777-300ER

There are currently 48 Boeing 777-300ERs in the Qatar Airways fleet. Of these, 37 out of the 48 feature the Qsuites cabin. On both aircraft, the business class cabin features a total of 42 seats spread across 11 rows in two cabins.

Which flight is QSuite? ›

Enjoy the most memorable flying experience in the world

* Qsuite is available on select routes for Qatar Airways Business Class. Please check the availability of Qsuite for your flight at the time of booking.

Is QSuite an economy class? ›

QSuite business class.

Known as QSuite, this is one of the best business class offerings in the sky today.

Can you sleep in business class lounge? ›

Many of the best Priority Pass lounges in the world are open 24/7, which makes catching a cat nap (or more) very easy. Keep in mind that some lounges frown upon people sleeping there, and many also have time limits on how long you can stay, so factor this into consideration when planning out your night.

Does Qatar business class have flat beds? ›

Qatar Airways business class seats convert into fully flat beds plus have ample work space mean you won't feel cramped. Wifi is available on many Qatar Airways aircraft and your on demand entertainment system comes with over 3,000 entertainment options.

How do I know if my business class is full? ›

If business class for the flight you're on is full, you won't be able to upgrade. It's fairly simple to find out. The most straightforward way is to call and ask. While they won't give you specifics, most airlines will tell you if there are business class seats available, and whether economy is full.

Is the Qatar lounge free for business class? ›

Qatar Airways First Class and Business Class (Elite, Comfort & Classic) and oneworld First Class and Business Class passengers can access this lounge at no additional cost, while Business Class (Lite) and Economy Class passengers throughout the network can purchase lounge access online, at the check-in counters, ...

Do you have to wear a mask in QSuites? ›

Ready to fly, wearing the mandatory mask and face shield for boarding. Once onboard, business class passengers can remove ppe. Just wear a mask when leaving the suites.

Where does Qatar Qsuite fly? ›

You'll find the Qsuite-equipped A350-900 aircraft on the following routes to/from the U.S.: Atlanta (ATL) – Doha (DOH) after March 25, 2022. Boston (BOS) – Doha (DOH) Philadelphia (PHL) – Doha (DOH)

Do Avios never expire? ›

Your Avios stay with you as long as you collect, spend, buy or share at least one Avios every 36 months — any longer and your Avios will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before those three years are up. There are lots of simple ways to ensure you'll never lose the Avios you collect.

How can I prevent Qatar Avios from expiring? ›

Spend or earn to extend Avios validity

Whether you book a flight, stay in a hotel or shop at Qatar Duty Free, there are many ways you can earn and redeem Avios in the air, and on the ground. Every time you spend or earn your Avios balance will be valid for a further 36 months.

How much does it cost to buy Avios Qatar Airways? ›

Buy Avios anytime by logging in to your Privilege Club account. Purchase a block of 1,000 Avios starting from 35 USD and going as low as 30 USD depending on the number of Avios bought in a transaction. You can purchase Avios in blocks of 1,000. Buy up to 250,000 Avios per calendar year.

How does Qatar Avios work? ›

Avios is the reward currency you collect when you or your nominated family members travel with Qatar Airways, oneworld® airlines, or our airline partners. You can also earn with more than 100 global partners. Avios now take you further than ever before.

Can you transfer Avios points to Qatar? ›

You can link your BA and Qatar accounts and transfer Avios between the two accounts at a 1:1 rate in either direction. This means if you want to transfer your Avios from, say, Qatar to Iberia or Aer Lingus to Qatar, you can do either by transferring them via British Airways.

How to use BA Avios points on Qatar Airways? ›

Just link your British Airways Executive Club and Qatar Airways Privilege Club accounts together to move Avios between the two. Move Avios at any time, once you have linked accounts. You will have the flexibility to move your Avios in or out of your Executive Club account.

What is the difference between Q points and Avios? ›

If you're not familiar, Avios is the spendable 'points currency' of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling – all part of the International Airlines Group (IAG). Qmiles have now swapped to Avios at a 1:1 ratio, with the number of miles – sorry, Avios – you need to redeem for flights remaining the same.

What does Avios mean in Qatar Airways? ›

Avios are the reward miles you earn when you or your nominated family members travel with Qatar Airways, oneworld airlines, or our airline partners. You can also earn Avios by using any of our more than 100 global partners.

Is Qatar Privilege Club free? ›

Qatar Airways has a free loyalty program, Privilege Club, thata anyone can join. All you need to do is enroll—the process is simple and should only take a minute or two. Once you are enrolled, you are eligible to start earning Avios.

Does Qatar ever give free upgrades? ›

It's as easy as it sounds, thanks to the Qcredits you get as part of Qatar Airways' Privilege Club program. All you have to do is check if there is upgrade availability, book an eligible cash fare, and then put your Qcredits to work with a free upgrade.

How to get free first class upgrade? ›

10 Legal Tips to Get Upgraded to First Class
  1. Earn Airline Elite Status.
  2. Redeem Miles and Points.
  3. Volunteer to be bumped on overbooked flights.
  4. Use an airline-branded credit card.
  5. Buy a last-minute upgrade.
  6. Follow The Crowds.
  7. Fly With a Generous Elite Friend.
  8. Travel Alone.

Can you upgrade to business class at the gate Qatar Airways? ›

Upgrade using Avios or Qcredits

You can now redeem your Avios or Qcredits at the airport for an upgrade to Business or First Class on Qatar Airways when you fly out of Doha or select airports.

Can I use Avios to upgrade an American? ›

You can request an American Airlines seat upgrade with Avios either at the time of booking or later on, depending on if there's availability. There must be an award seat available on the flight for the upgrade to clear.

Is it easy to upgrade from economy to business class? ›

You CAN'T upgrade from economy to business class, at least not without spending too much. Upgrades are only offered to solo passengers. If you're seated together with your family or friends, you most likely won't be offered an upgrade because logistically, it's more difficult to upgrade multiple passengers.

How many Avios do I need to get to New York? ›

Economy points needed per return (+ taxes & charges)
New York26,00052,000
8 more rows
Jan 25, 2021

How many Avios do I need to upgrade to business Qatar Airways? ›

With 70,000 Avios, you can book a one-way business class flight from the U.S. to Doha. Economy award redemptions typically do not offer value since you can usually find affordable economy flights.

How many Avios points do you need to upgrade to silver? ›

Bronze: 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights. Silver: 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights. Gold: 1125 Tier Points.

Do you get tier points if you upgrade with Avios? ›

The Basics of upgrading with avios

If you are upgrading a cash fare using Avios, you will still earn Tier Points and Avios for the lower cash fare you purchased. The ticket you are upgrading must have been issued by British Airways or British Airways Holidays, meaning the ticket number must start with '125'

How many Avios does Qatar QSuite have? ›

Qatar confirmed that it won't change the amount of Avios needed for a reward flight. That means you'll only need to redeem 35,000 Qatar Avios for economy or 70,000 Qatar Avios for Qsuite business class flights between the U.S. and Doha.

Where will 150000 Avios get me? ›

You could fly return in Club World (business class) to some of the farthest long-haul destinations BA operate to on off-peak dates for exactly 150,000 Avios total, including: Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong (HKG) Lima (LIM)

Is 200000 Avios a lot? ›

With 200,000 Avios, you have enough Avios for a peak return Club World almost anywhere on BA's long-haul route network. You can enjoy a lie-flat bed on a long, overnight flight to any of the following destinations, on any date with availability, return and still have Avios left over: Lima Peru (LIM)

How much does 50000 Avios cost? ›

Prices for buying and gifting Avios
Prices from 1 MayGBPUSD
40,000 Avios£655$1,125
45,000 Avios£735$1,263
50,000 Avios£815$1,400
60,000 Avios£975$1,675
45 more rows

Is Qsuite worth it? ›

The QSuite seat is spacious, luxurious, and comfortable. It is by far the best business class seat experience in the sky, by far, and it's probably better than some First Class seats. QSuites face both forward and backward.

What does Qsuite mean on Qatar Airways? ›

Qsuites is Qatar Airways' business class product that was first introduced in 2017. There are many features that make Qsuites great, including that each seat has a door and that there are double beds in the center section for those traveling together.

Which flight is Qsuite? ›

Enjoy the most memorable flying experience in the world

* Qsuite is available on select routes for Qatar Airways Business Class. Please check the availability of Qsuite for your flight at the time of booking.

How much is 100 000 Avios worth? ›

Best ways to use 100,000 Avios

That means you can expect to get roughly $975 worth of flights from 100,000 Avios, although the exact value you'll get depends on how and when you redeem your rewards.

How far will 100000 Avios points get me? ›

With 100,000 Avios, you can book a return, off-peak Club World redemption for two people in Zones 1-5. This means destinations up to 4,000 miles in length (each way). This opens up a huge number of popular destinations that feature a proper long-haul product, including: Abu Dhabi (AUH)

What can you do with 150000 Avios points? ›

Where could 150,000 Avios take me?
  • Three economy return flights to Dubai (off-peak)
  • One return flight to the St Lucia in Club World (off-peak)
  • Three return flights to Santorini in Club Europe (off-peak)
  • Two return flights to Johannesburg in World Traveller Plus (off-peak)
Jul 16, 2022

How much money is 1 Avios worth? ›

Redeeming your Avios for Economy tickets comes with an average value of 0.8 cents to 1.5 cents per Avios, whereas you may get more than 2 cents per Avios for a business or a First class flight. Other redemption methods, such as hotel stays and car rentals, usually don't provide as good a value.

Can you convert Avios to cash? ›

When you book an award ticket online, the Avios required will be displayed once you choose your flight and cabin class. By using our convenient Avios plus Cash slider on the payment page, you can change the number of Avios to be redeemed for your award, and pay the balance in cash.

How many Avios do I need to fly to Dubai? ›

The British Airways Avios flight redemption pricing chart
One-way Avios pricesEconomyBusiness
Doha25,000 +£5090,000 +£175
Dubai25,000 +£5090,000 +£175
Dublin9,250 +£0.516,250 +£0.5
70 more rows
Feb 13, 2023

How many Avios is $1? ›

You'll earn Avios as you make your regular purchases. Here's the rewards structure: Earn 3 Avios per $1 spent on purchases with British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and LEVEL. Earn 2 Avios per $1 spent on hotel accommodations when purchased directly with the hotel.

Is it ever worth buying Avios? ›

Avios are great for short-haul trips within Europe, which can otherwise be very expensive. For domestic business class seats, Avios can save you from paying a full-fare cash cost. You can use Avios to fly non-Oneworld partner airlines, such as Aer Lingus.

Why are Avios so expensive? ›

This is because the Avios required for a flight remain the same if oil costs $20 or $100 per barrel. Airlines introduced and tinkered with this fuel surcharge to combat rising fuel costs many years ago. When oil prices increased, airlines increased fuel surcharges to compensate for these unexpected increased costs.

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